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Through The Eyes Of A Child

Imagine it is 2 o’clock in the morning, you are sound asleep and before you know it, the unimaginable happens. You have to leave, right now. You are in your pajamas and all you have time to grab is the closest thing to you. What would you do? What would you take? Would it be your clothes, your toothbrush, toothpaste, or maybe your favorite stuffed animal?  

Every day across the nation, children are displaced for one reason or another; a fire in the home, a legal situation, a horrible accident, or worse. Georgia’s children face these situations far too often leaving all that is familiar behind them.  

Agencies across the state are faced with the difficult task of protecting children. However, they are armed with nothing to help these children feel at ease at possibly the very worst moment in their lives.

ADVENTURE BAGS is a way to give children going through such traumatic events (in their lives), something to call their own, something to keep wherever they go.

Our goal is for each affected child (experiencing such events) to be given an ADVENTURE BAG.  We do this by partnering with various agencies such as the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS), domestic violence shelters, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, homeless shelters, and other organizations that serve Georgia’s most vulnerable children.


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From Tragedy to Tears

I previously worked in Juvenile Court in another county.  We were gifted the bags, after a fire had taken place where they were stored.  The children would come into court and some were being removed and some already had been.  Some were with foster parents and some were with relatives.  The children ABSOLUTELY loved receiving the bags! Their little faces and eyes I will never forget.  The teens were even more thankful. After Covid, we didn’t see the kids anymore, but I had a child attorney who would request them for her kids.  This is an amazing gift for kids that ultimately may not have anything to call their very own or least a small gift that lights up their eyes when they feel sad and scared.  Thank you, and I pray my testimony will inspire others.  Thank you for your commitment to helping children.

Stacy Moon

Smiles from the Social Services Offices

We gave our last three boy bags away last week and I had trouble getting the child out of the office to go to a foster home because he wouldn’t stop looking through his bag.

Social Services Case Worker

Family Members’ Appreciation for Adventure Bags

I would just like to thank all of you! Recently my husband and I had to take in his young cousins. They had been taken to DFCS while waiting for us to get there and pick them up. The DFCS Caseworker gave each child their own bag and it was like Christmas morning for them. Your organization is doing such a wonderful thing for these displaced children. You teach them that they DO MATTER. May God Bless you.

Foster Parent

Bringing Smiles With Every Adventure Bags

I wanted to share about a child who received one of your bags recently. We took a sibling group of two into care last week. A little 1yr old boy and his 3yr old sister. The little girl ran across the room to the bag I was holding and hugged it. She immediately started digging through the bags and narrating what she found. The investigator and Foster care Case manager thought that it was hilariously adorable. Thank you for what you guys are doing for our children. You are appreciated.

Social Services Case Manager

A Blanket Is More Than Just A Blanket

So obviously I am not reporting our sweet Washington Co child name, but I wanted to share how sweet he was when I was assisted in taking him to his respite home. He was given an Adventure Bag when he got to the office and kept the book bag on his bag most of the time! He played with the toys in the office and when we got to the respite placement he specifically asked if could take his blanket with him. Note: It was a very simple gray blanket…but it was his! I told him of course! When he met his little friend at the door, he proudly showed him his blanket and bookbag (which was a doggy bookbag!) It was the cutest. Thank you, Adventure Bags Inc.

Social Services Administrator

Out of the Mouth of Babes

  • A little girl opened her back and was so excited, “I have a doll! My very own! I never had a doll before!
  • A 14yr old boy: “Look I got a nice bookbag, can I take it to school?”
  • A teenage girl: “Thanks I needed these things; can I have all of this?”
  • I love my new dog (stuffed animal)!

Adventure Bags Going The Extra Mile

We had a 16yr old boy leaving GA to go back home to his family in another state. He had nothing with him. So, we were able to give him a comfort bag with all the goodies for his trip. We were also able to send him with some snacks and water while he traveled on the bus. The bus ride was 16hrs long. The Adventure Bag had a throw blanket in it and he was excited about getting it. He had something to sleep with while on the bus.

Social Services Case Manager

Smiles That Help Soothe

I wanted to personally thank you and to everyone that helps support this organization. Your bags put smiles on two young girls’ faces that right now in their lives don’t have much to smile about. Once again, thank you for supporting our foster children.

Social Services Case Manager

From A Grandma’s Perception

A grandmother who got her 5 little grandsons and AB was able to give them each their very own bag which was stuffed with the items noted on the previous pages. She was so grateful for it, she started to cry. She commented on how they would help her keep their stuff together. The little boy even got diapers and sippy cups which she commented was so helpful in the emergency. She then thanked Adventure Bags with smiles.

Grandmother of Kids in Foster Care

Toothbrush brings Smile To A Little Boy

A boy and his sister were brought into care together; the little girl was sleeping, and we handed the backpack to the little boy. He opened it and was looking everything over and setting them on the floor beside him. When he pulled out the toothbrush and toothpaste, he jumped up and ran into the bathroom down the hall. When we got to the door and looked in, he had toothpaste all over his face and was brushing his teeth. We found out later that he LOVES to brush his teeth. He was so excited when he saw the toothbrush. Just wanted to share.

Social Services Supervisor

Young Man Shares Appreciation For Adventure Bags

Adventure Bags President received a call from a recipient who had found the card in the bag. He called to say, “Thank you so much for the bag! I can’t believe this stuff is just for me!” After some conversation, she asked what was the favorite item in the bag? He responded,  “This was hard “cuz everything was great, but if I had to choose, the word search game”. Then he added “I forgot how fun those are!”

Debbie Gori ~ Adventure Bags President

The Comfort A Teddy Bear Provided To a Foster Child

I just wanted you to know that we recently had a toddler placed with us and the bear he received in one of your bags has been a great comfort to him.  He had no toys of his own but he immediately hugged and loved on his bear.  Now we keep it with him whenever we can and he rubs its soft ears to fall asleep.  It is a simple bit of security during this difficult time for him.  The other items in the bag were also very helpful for adjusting those first few nights.

Foster Parent

Adventure Bags Helps Welcome Kids into Shelter

I just want to take a moment to thank you for donating so many adventure bags to our organization. I was so excited to see all the fantastic items in the bags. We are using the bags as a welcome gift for every child that comes into the shelter. Coming into a shelter can be a scary and overwhelming experience for children and I know that providing these bas will give the children a sense of comfort in their new environment.

With gratitude, Paige Sullivan, Children’s Advocate

Adventure Bags receives a Thank You from Grandmother

Yesterday, we received a phone call from a grandmother who simply wanted to say Thank You for the Adventure Bag that her grandchild received. She advised the bag and its contents made her grandchild’s day and put a smile on their face.