Our Board

Adventure Bags is so thankful to have such a passionate and dedicated board.

Board Members

Tracey McMahon

Chairman of the Board

Misty Manus

Chief Executive Officer

Monica Fulkes

Chief Financial Officer

Courtney McGuire


Eric Oliver

Board Member

Alex Ward

Board Member

Dana Snyder

Board Member

Open Board Position

Board Member


Ivy Bailey

Volunteer Coordinator

Kelly Oliver

Administrative Assistant

Ms Debbie Laughing

Debbie Gori

Our Founder - In Memoriam

Debbie was considered the local “Bag Lady” and she wore that with pride! There is not a person she meet that she didn’t tell them about this organization and how they can help! She brought smiles to children faces and could not thinkg of a better way to spend the day, then by packing and delivering bags to agencies all across Georgia to give to children in need!

The ability to do a job that can bring even just one smile to a struggling child’s face is the best gift anyone could ever ask for!